RE: Element.remove(DOMelement)

Does this method remove all children of the specified DOMelement
before removing the specified DOMelement or must I delete all of the
DOMelements children, grandchildran, etc. first?

RE: Element.stopObserving(DOMelement)

Does this method remove all events being observed for the given
DOMelement or must I stop each one individually?  At what point does
this actually get removed from the DOM (garbage collection)?

RE: Function.bindAsEventListener

Should Element.StopObserving work to immediatly remove everything
added to the DOM when using BindAsEventListener?

I'm seeing a slew of memory leaks in my application and can only
assume elements are not being removed from the DOM as they should be.
Any help would be appreciated.  I'm going though the prototype.js code
now by any insight would be great.  Thanks guys.


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