"T.J. Crowder" <t...@crowdersoftware.com> wrote on 12.07.2009 09:38:54

> Hi,


> Your animations don't provide an `afterFinish` callback or similar?

Yes they do. I'm using Script.aculo.us but i have to start multiple
animations (i.e. fadeouts) on multiple elements, so its a bit tricky
to use the afterFinish functions because it would get called after
every finish of every element.

Here's the piece of code:

var teaser_select = function (t) {

 var t_id = t.identify();

 t.absolutize(); // Use before offset calculation!

 var moveby_y  = t.cumulativeOffset().top;

 moveby_y -= ($('mv_logo').cumulativeOffset().top + $

 moveby_y *= -1;

 new Effect.Move(t,{ duration: 0.5, x: 0, y: moveby_y, mode:
'relative' });

 // Fade out all teasers from bottom to top

 $$('.teaser').reverse().each(function (teaser) {

  if (teaser.identify() == t_id) return;

  teaser.fade({ duration: 0.5, from: 1, to: 0 });


 // TODO:

 // Call ajax after all teasers have been hidden


Maybe there's a simpler way to fade out more than one element at once
and the each(...)-iteration becomes needless. Or its possible to call
one function after many effects have been finished.

But how?

"Rick Waldron" <waldron.r...@gmail.com> wrote on 07.12.2009 15:10:19:

> I'm not at a computer to try this out, and well, it might be a

> little hair-brained but perhaps...


> ( new Ajax.Updater() ).defer();

Nice idea. But it does not work :-/



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