Hi sumit,

Just a though, I didn't test it.
you don't use custom event it has the form "namespace:eventName".

What you could do ?? is to define in frame A:
document.observe("FrameB:message", function(e){

And send from Frame B:
Event.fire(document,'FrameB:message','message to send',true);

It could work, but my question is about frame and crossdomain ??


On 8 déc, 20:31, Sumit <skbrnwl-...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've certain iframes loaded on my page (same domain) and i want to
> fire custom events from one of them to the other for which those
> iframes are already listening. Somehow the following implementation
> doesn't work (sadly the firebug console doesn't show anything):
> In the iframe A, i'm doing->
> document.observe("message", function(e){
>         console.log("11"+e);
> });
> In the iframe B (same as domain A), i'm doing->
> Event.fire(parent.frames["frame11"],"message","frame12", true);
> Any idea what i might be doing wrong?
> Thanks in advance.
> -Sumit


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