Hi Samuel,

Thanks to point my mistake. It's effectivelly a method and not a

Sorry frédéric.


On 9 déc, 18:35, Frédéric <f...@gbiloba.org> wrote:
> On mercredi 09 décembre 2009, david wrote:
> > When observing an event with:
> > Event.observe('mousemove',function(evt){
> >   if(evt.isLeftClick) alert('left button clicked');
> >   if(evt.isMiddleClick) alert('middle button clicked');
> >   if(evt.isRightClick) alert('right button clicked');
> > })
> > there is inside the event object some shortcut to know at the moment
> > the event is fired if a button is clicked. And the same existe in case
> > of a key pressed.
> I have to check again, but in my previous tests, the isLeftClick() always
> returned true, and other always returned false...
> --
>     Frédéric


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