Hi sumit,

 !! repost, it seems that an error delete my previous response !!

As I said, I did not have possibility to test what you're trying to
do, Could we have a live page so that it will be easier to point the
trouble ??


On 9 déc, 19:36, Sumit <skbrnwl-...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> So i finally came up with protoype based implementation for
> crossdomain iframe communication based on Julien's example as can be
> seen live inhttp://www.julienlecomte.net/blogfiles/cross-frame/For
> quick reference, lets say an iframe from domain B is hosted on main
> site from domain A. In order to talk to the main site, iframe creates
> an iframe loading proxy file from domain B which passes on the message
> from its current location to the main site using custom event
> notification mechanism (because both belong to the same domain B). As
> soon as the message is delivered (part of loading of the iframe's
> body), in iframe's onload event, iframe is destroyed after cleaning up
> the listeners attached to it.
> Now comes my problem. These messages are reaching fine across
> different domains. But the order is not guaranteed. I think this is
> more so because of the loading order of the iframes that are
> dynamically created for each message and then destroyed. Is there a
> way i could ensure the ordered delivery? I tried to reuse the iframes
> for multiple messages (not destroying at the end of the message
> delivery); but then location update is not communicated to the iframe
> (should have happened in "onload" listener, but it doesn't). Any idea
> what could be done?
> For more reference on crossdomain communication with iframes, please
> seehttp://softwareas.com/cross-domain-communication-with-iframes
> Thanks in advance for any pointers.
> -Sumit


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