Hi guys, 

Firstly I said that I am French. I'll try to speak best in English, be

I recently developed a class based on Prototype for a
application web. 
I called this class Queue(); 

This allows you to stack multiple Ajax.Request (or Update) to they are
treated to the chain via the "onComplete". 

This allows them allows you to do several things at different times. 

For example: 
function fooBar() {
MyQueue.add(new Hash({update: 'myDiv', idBhv: 'myBhv', myParams:
'foo' }));
MyQueue.add(new Hash({update: 'mySecDiv', idBhv: 'mySecBhv', myParams:
'bar' }));

This function will stack 2 behaviors to be implemented immediately one
after the other. 

I was wondering if this feature would be added in future version of
prototype? If yes, I can provide code and ideas. 

Have fun, 
See you 

Cyril Bogaert ( http://www.mental-orb.com/ )


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