Hi Frédéric,

You do well, but for the mouseup, it should not be set to any element
other document, so when you release the mouse button, the document
will see this event.
And don't forget to create the mousemove & mouseup at mousedown event.
And delete those two events when mouseup is launch.


On 10 déc, 19:11, Frédéric <f...@gbiloba.org> wrote:
> On jeudi 10 décembre 2009, Alex McAuley wrote:
> > MouseMove tracks the mouse. ....
> > A drag for example uses Left Mouse Click (down) plus Mouse Move
> > Click simply detects the click on an element or page..
> > If you want to observe mousemove into an element then setup an observer
> >  once  it has entered for click .. this seems a slight waste of time and
> >  memory to setup observers ad hoc..
> > What exactly are you trying to acheive - perhaps one of us can point you
> >  in  the right direction...
> I precisely wants to implement a drag'n'drop feature. I have a set of
> pictures, displayed in a table as thumbs, and I can move the thumbs in real
> time using the mouse.
> For that, I have 3 callbacks:
> 'mousedown': I start the drag, by storing the src image
> 'mousemove': I move the thumbs, onlly if the src image has been set
> 'mouseup': I just reset the src image, so I know that the drag is over
> But if I release the button outsideany thumbs, the drag remains active,
> because I can't detect that it ended.
> There is maybe a better design to do that?
> --
>     Frédéric


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