I've got an AJAX page which dynamically refreshes... this is what I
use... seems to work well enough for our purposes...
(NB - I'm using prototype for most of my stuff)

        var fin = document.forms["name of form"];  // replace "name of form"
with the id of your form
        var SetCheckBox = function ( w, s0 ){
            // 'w' is the id of the checkbox;
            // 's0' is the state - i.e., 1==checked; 0==not checked
                fin[ w ].checked = s0;

        SetCheckBox( 'item_notchecked', "0" );
        SetCheckBox( 'item_checked', "1" );

Hope this helps,


On Dec 15, 3:18 pm, smartcookie <dpell.h...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey there:
> Does anyone know a good way to programmably "select" or "click" on a
> checkbox input in FF?
> I have tried :
> el.down('input').checked = 'checked';
> and
> el.down('input').onclick();
> In the first code, I can see the checkboxes being checked, but when I
> submit, my error validation alerts that nothing is selected...
> Does anyone know another method..
> Thanks


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