How 'bout something like
  var paramsA = Form.serializeElements( $("frm").getInputs('checkbox',
  var paramsB = Form.serializeElements( $("frm").getInputs('checkbox',
  var paramsC = Form.serializeElements( $("frm").getInputs('checkbox',

  var params =  paramsA + '&' + paramsB + '&' + paramsC;

Yeah... I know it's not as sexy as defining the array and running
through an 'each' loop but I bet it would work :-)

(With string concatenation, you could, of course, do it all in a
single variable)


On Dec 22, 11:27 am, Neede <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I've run into a response performance problem with IE6.  My form has a
> 4 scrollable tables that each contain up to 2000 check boxes (names:
> typeA, typeB, typeC, typeD).  serialize() is taking a long time to
> process, so i was attempting to speed it up by only serializing the
> check boxes that I need by using:
> Form.serializeElements( $("frm").getInputs('checkbox', "typeA"),
> true);
> this works fine but i also want to serialize typeB and typeC. I need
> everything but typeD which happens to have the the greatest number of
> checkboxes.
> I tried creating an array for the check box names
> arChkBoxes = [ "typeA", "typeB", "typeC"];
> var params = Form.serializeElements( $("frm").getInputs('checkbox',
> arChkBoxes ), true);
> Any help on the correct syntax or ideas on how to speed up the
> serialization is appreciated!


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