On Jan 5, 7:35 am, Jake <jgarfi...@earthlink.net> wrote:
> I am using prototype  All I am trying to do is get the
> results from evalJSON and iterate through them. I have an Ajax
> request, and on success it does something like:
> thisObj.adjustResultsForMovement.bind(thisObj,
> transport.responseText.evalJSON(true))();

I have learned the problem is not with iterationg, but if I do
something like this:

        var markers =  transport.responseText.evalJSON(true)
        thisObj.adjustResultsForMovement.bind(thisObj, markers)();

If markers is  an empty array [], then whenadjustResultsForMovement is
called, prototype changes the markers array and adds all of the
prototype functions.  It doesn't do this when markers has elements.

Is there a way I can stop it from adding all of these functions?  If I
want to pass an empty array using bind, is there no way I can do that?



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