This would be easy. setInterval returns in ID handle to that particular

Your code would change to: ( Make sure to declare var intervalID in the
global scope )

intervalID = setInterval (.... )

Then use onmouseOver and onmouseOut events to control the interval


onMouseOut="intervalID = setInterval( ... )"

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Subject: [Proto-Scripty] Pause on MouseOver

I'm using this simple slideshow and wondered if anyone knew how to make it
pause when I moved my mouse over it and then start again if I move my mouse
off the image?

There is a demo of the slideshow here:

This is the main code:

  var imgs = $$('.fadein img'),
   visible = imgs.findAll(function(img){ return img.visible(); });
  if(visible.length>1) visible.last().fade({ duration: 1 });
    else imgs.last().appear({ duration: 1,
      afterFinish: function(){ imgs.slice(0,imgs.length-1).invoke
('show');  } });
}, 2000);


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