It's a clumsy solution but will save a lot of weird looping but why
not give all the form elements a class name and use that in the

On Jan 5, 3:17 pm, Tony Andrews <> wrote:
> I have already posted a question about this on StackOverflow here
> (
> focusable-item-of-any-type-within-a-div) so I won't repeat the whole
> thing.  My issue is that I want to select the first form item of any
> type (input, select etc.) within a div.  When I try $('mydiv').select
> ('input', 'select') for example, it returns all the inputs, then all
> the selects.  So the first item it returns is not necessarily the
> first item in document order: if the first item is a select and the
> scond is an input, it will return the second item first.  Any ideas?
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