T.J. Crowder wrote:

On Jan 10, 7:08 pm, bill <will...@techservsys.com> wrote:
DJ Mangus wrote:
What is returned is the same thing you'd get if you used $('id').
Chain on .identify to get the Id from a DOM node.
Thank you.
as in:

function clickHander (event) {
    var id = event.element().identify ?

or rather:
function clickHander (event) {
    var element= event.element()
    var id = element.identify()

The latter, since #identify is a function. (Don't forget your
semicolons, though!)

FYI, Tobie says that Event#element is deprecated and we should use
Event#findElement with no arguments instead, so:

    function clickHandler(event) {
        var id = event.findElement().identify();

Also note that if you know the element will have an ID, or if you
don't care if it doesn't, you can just use the `id` property.
Element#identify just returns `id`, but it checks first to see if the
element *has* an ID and if not it assigns one to it.

I know the divs will have IDs, so how would I write it to just use the id property ?

Bill Drescher (who is still climbing the learning curve)
william {at} TechServSys {dot} com

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