Hi Sanil Music,

What TJ (it's not CORWDER) want to explain is that you can't do what
you're trying to do or use the ajax request in synchronous mode .
In execution mode, the JS thread in the browser will execurt the
AJAX.Request, and continue like if nothing was done by this function.
There is just a mechanism inside the browser which get the thread back
on the receveid value. And at that time the defined callback for
ONSUCCESS or ONFAILURE or ... will just be launch with the result as
first parameter.

So you need to split ypour code to handle the behaviour you want.

I think you should re-read TJ response, he gives you the answer.


On 12 jan, 15:34, Sanil Music <music.sa...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I use & instead of &amp;, but I don't know why you can't see it here.
> For you Cowder, that I wanted a Ajax Request like that, I would use
> it. I want something else. As in my code, I want to create a one
> function for all ajax requests. So, I just call that function, and in
> it I define callback function, url.
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