You'll need to provide more context.  Can you post a small, self-
contained example[1] (perhaps to pastie[2])?  Then it will be easy for
people to verify (or debug) the behavior you're seeing.

[1] http://proto-scripty.wikidot.com/self-contained-test-page
[2] http://pastie.org

T.J. Crowder
Independent Software Consultant
tj / crowder software / com

On Dec 3 2009, 3:26 pm, jjaayy <jan.gloeck...@gmail.com> wrote:
> hi everybody,
> I'm not sure I my code is wrong or if this is a problem with safari
> (it's working in FF):
> In a Ajax.Request statement I have
> onComplete: function(transport) {
>         $('container_td_loading').insert({
>                 after: transport.responseText
>         });
> }
> But this hangs in Safari without any error.
> Whats wrong or can confirm someone this behaviour in Safari?
> Thanks for any tips.
> J
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