Hi T.J.

'scriptadded' does get reset to false just after the loop counter 'i'
is incremented, and in fact through Firebug I can see the <script/>
tags appearing in the HTML - so I know this aspect of the code is

> OT: Why the `eval`?

I know its use is to be avoided but I couldn't see a way around it.
If, for example, my array looked like this...

        var scripts = [
            { src: 'js/s1.js' , obj: Stu.s1.func },
            { src: 'js/s2.js' , obj: Stu.s2.func },
            { src: 'js/s3.js' , obj: Stu.s3.func }

...then 'scripts[i].obj' will be null because at declaration time none
of the Stu literals exist. If there is an easy workaround I'd
appreciate a pointer ;)

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