Hi all!

I've done a simple prototype script to expend the textarea size of a
form. It works perfectly with IE / Firefox but it's doing a strange
stuff with Google Chrome.

Just take a look: http://www.jinsa.fr/coms/test.php

My function doing the resize is named ajuster_taille, here we go:

function ajuster_taille()
        this.style.height = this.scrollHeight + 'px';

And I just binded it to an observer with "keyup" parameter:

function bindTestElements()

        $('msg').observe('keyup', ajuster_taille);

Event.observe(window, 'load', bindTestElements);

So, do you think it's a problem we may advert prototype core team or
may be just a Google Chrome misunderstanding? I'm trying to find a tip
to patch that bug so if you have one just let me know :)

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