and surprisingly, the same document.getElementById() works on
individual li elements.

for example if i do document.getElementById('issue_1'), it returns me
an object with right childNodes.length

I guess something screwed up with IE and i would've to do something
else to avoid this ul issue

On Jan 19, 12:41 pm, Sumit <> wrote:
> Here is the updated url with sample js
> On Jan 19, 12:40 pm, Sumit <> wrote:
> > Sorry if this seems to be a wrong forum for this issue. I've been
> > using prototypejs in my project, so thought you guys may have done
> > some workaround this.
> > My html content looks like this
> > on "dom:loaded" event, i'm querying the dom for objects with id
> > "issues". On FF it just works fine; but on IE8 (i'm yet to test on
> > other devil builds yet), i found (on debugging) that the return
> > element has no children, i.e. childNodes.length is 0.
> > Any ideas/suggestions on what could be done to fix this?
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