Try: $$(".dealerAddress").each(function(element)
{element.removeClassName("dealerAddress")}); This will "unhide them".
Not sure if this will be any faster.

On Jan 26, 1:06 pm, kenxle <> wrote:
> Here's the problem I'm running into:
> $$(".dealerAddress").invoke("hide");
> takes too long because a very large page structure is loading, and
> there are many dealer addresses, so my page shows everything, then
> hides it, when it loads. Ew.
> To fix this, I put .dealerAddress{display:none;} in my CSS style
> sheet. However, when Prototype runs its show/hide functions (I'm using
> "toggle"), it only seems to be adding the attribute <...
> style="display:none"> or removing it. Which means that my style sheet
> takes back over when it removes the attribute, and the tag ends up
> never showing.
> I fixed it by putting my style declaration inline in the tag, as
> Prototype does, but I find this solution hackish and obtrusive. Why
> doesn't Prototype toggle from <... style="display:none"> to <...
> style="display:[inline||block]">? Wouldn't this solve my problem, as
> the inline style declaration would override the style sheet
> declaration?
> If so, I'd like to propose it as an update. Discussion or alternate
> solutions welcome.
> Thanks.
> (P.S. jQuery handles this situation without issue...)

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