ok i found it.
You have to put the input for username before the passwort input.
Elsewhise FF will ignore the username.

Hope if anybody experiences the same Problem this will help.


On 1 Feb., 18:34, Ferion <mad_jo...@gmx.de> wrote:
> Hello Everybody,
> i'm trying to use a loginform for an pure ajaxbased application.
> I managed to trick out the browsers by faking a submit on an empty
> iframe.
> This works fine in IE 7+8
> In FF3 the passwordmanager stores the password but not the username.
> I tried nearly everything. Renaming, resorting etc
> Here is the formblock:
>         <form method="POST" id="main_login_input"
> name="main_login_input" action="" onSubmit="return true;"
> target="fakeSubmitter">
>           <input type="submit" name="subbut" id="subbut"
> style="position: absolute; top: 300px"  />
>                 <a href="javascript:sM_f.controller.doLogin('MAIN')"
> onClick="$('subbut').click()">Login</a>
>                 <input type="password" id="loginPass" name="loginPass"
> value="" onFocus="$(loginPass).value=''" tabindex="2" />
>                 <input type="text" name="loginName" id="loginName"
> value="" tabindex="1" />
>         </form>
> the href function is doing the Ajaxloginstuff and should not interfere
> the process.
> Another funny thing is, that FF stores the Username in the
> "Formfieldsection". So entering the Username looks like the
> Passwordmanager is doing his stuff, but the password isn't filled
> (which is clearly).
> I'm going Mad about this Problem.
> Does anybody got an Idea for this?
> Ferion

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