On 10 Feb 2010, at 15:20, bill wrote:

I have an application that uses Ajax.updater. As it runs over the internet sometimes the response can take 10 seconds, by which time the user thinks that it did not work so I would like to show a message as soon as the link is clicked to fire the Ajax request. I am however befuddled. If I set the innerHTML of the div with the message, it wipes out the form that needs to be sent.
If I use onSuccess, it takes too long.
Suggestions ?

Just copy pasted what we use @ http://pastie.org/818221

We use http://blog.var.cc/static/growl/ to show errors, but you can leave out that section. Just put a div with the loading image somewhere in your document and set its style to "display: none;". The code I posted will work for every Ajax request you do, so you have a nice and generic solution there. How you make the loading indicator look is completely up to you.

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Peter De Berdt

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