Ow! Thank you very much for helping me!! :))

So yup it's working but... mmhhh... the thing I wanted to do on each
LI react really bad and gives me such a hard time... maybe you could
give me a tips (or two ^^) in order to make it working as a charm ^^.

So, what I'm working on is a mouseOver reaction on each LI. What I
want is:

    - clone the entire LI
    - put that cloned LI over the original one
    - puff (with scriptaculo) the clone

That sound easy but... heh... that's not that easy for me.

What I tried:


<div id="puffy" name="puffy">
<ul id="menu">
  <li class="item"><a href="">Accueil</a>
  <li class="item23"><a href="">Programmes</a>
  <li class="item22"><a href="">A l'affiche</a>
  <li class="item12"><a href="">Débats</a>
  <li class="item6"><a href="">Intervenants</a>
  <li class="item2"><a href="">Infos-Pratiques</a>

then my script (thanks to your help :)):

function bindage()
        var monX = 0;
        var monY = 0;

        new Draggable('puffy');

    $('menu').select('li').invoke('observe', 'mouseover',

    function bindage_liover(event)
        var clone = this.cloneNode(true);
                $('puffy').innerHTML = clone.innerHTML;

                monX = Event.pointerX(event);
                monY = Event.pointerY(event);

                new Effect.Move('puffy', {duration: 0, x: monX -40, y: monY - 
mode: 'absolute'});

                new Effect.Puff('puffy');
Event.observe(window, 'load', bindage);

But when I mouseOver the LI it works for first and then it make a
strange thing like moving the font-size or the position to some
unbelievable values...

Maybe am I trying to do it in a strange way, I may assume there is a
simplier way to do it but my brain's burned out ^^.

Maybe you could help me (again? ^^)



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