Hi all!

Sorry for digging up such an old thread (see Disabling Scriptaculous
autocomplete at the bottom of my thread)  but I'm working on the same
problem (more or less).

I have an input field using autocompleter and I must disable it when I
modify the div wich contains the input field (it deletes the input and
cause an error because the oberver on the autocompleter observe

So, one solution seems to focus out the input field (doing manualy it
dodge the error), it makes it stop the observer (wich is good! :))
but... mmhhh... I don't even know how to focus out an input field ^^.
I tried element.toogle, element.focus(0), element.hide()... nothing

So, maybe someone have a clue in order to make it work (btw I may not
want to modify controls.js... because I don't see how to "disable" it
with the modifications)

Enjoy your night!


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