What does your markup look like? Pure guess from the names you use in
your code, but are you trying to insert a TR directly into a TABLE?
TRs have to go in TBODY/THEAD/TFOOT elements, they can't go in TABLE
directly. When reading markup, most browsers will let you get away
with it by inserting a TBODY for you (and this is actually in the
spec), but when you get to manipulating the DOM, it starts getting
tricky. Best to include them.

(Side note: It's "bottom" (all lower case), not "Bottom". I was
surprised it worked until I looked at the source, but Prototype is
making it lower case for you within the call.)

T.J. Crowder
Independent Software Consultant
tj / crowder software / com

On Feb 26, 6:01 am, ferengi <fere...@evo-x.de> wrote:
> HI..
> i've problen, my script to add a row at the bottom of a table do'nt
> work in my IE7.
> Here my script
> wieder_row ='<tr id="wieder['+c+']" style=""><td class="center"
> colspan="4">test</td></tr>';
> top.opener.document.getElementById('wieder_komp_'+tab).insert({'Bottom':wie 
> der_row});
> The Script work fine on FF & Opera .... i use prototyp1.6.1.
> Any solutions ?
> Helge

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