Thanks for the quick response, Jeff!

On Mar 5, 7:44 pm, Jeffrey Peck <> wrote:
> One more question... you are checking t.responseText ... have you  
> tried t.responseXML?
> - Jeff

Yep, doesn't work either, object is null.

I do have control over the webservice and will try to disable
compression to see if it improves. But long term, this is not what I
want -- the XML response can be rather large, and in the above
example, compression reduces it from ~12k to 2k. Also, other browsers
(ok, only tested Safari so far) seem to have it under control.

What I'm surprised about is the fact that I can't find much mentioning
of this on the interwebs. Surely most application servers are
configured to gzip their output, how come noone has a problem with


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