Thank you very much for the response. Both ways help to solve the
problem. You really saved my day.

On Mar 8, 2:05 pm, Scott <> wrote:
> You can write the response to the JSP page and in the form page use
> the onComplete event to return the response text
> $('myFormID').request({ method: 'post',
>   onComplete: function(request) {
>     alert(request.responseText);
>   }
> });
> so anything written in the JSP page (including html) will come back in
> the responseText.
> On Mar 8, 11:21 am, samson <> wrote:
> > I use the prototype request() function to sumbit my form to a JSP
> > page. It work fine and I am able to save the data to the database. But
> > I need to return a message to the form page if the JSP page
> > successfully save the data. Here is an example
> > I have a page called person.jsp and all the form field in this page.
> > When a user click on save button I use the prototype request function
> > and send the form variable to save.jsp page with out sumbitting the
> > form. But I want to return a message to person.jsp if there is success
> > or failer on save.jsp page.
> > Thanks,
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