Hi everyone,

I am quite confused by this...

I've got a form (using rails), that looks llke this:
<%- form_for [:admin, group], :url => admin_groups_path do |f| -%>


<%- end %>

..  This renders out html that looks like

<form action="/admin/contacts" method="post" id="edit_photo_album_21"

.......  So then via javascript, I have an observer for the form's
submit button, and that does

..  but, the request fails, and the error I get is:


    in Admin/groupsController#index

<pre>uninitialized constant Group</pre>

...  and firebug shows the request as a POST, -- not a GET, so I am
totally baffled as to how I am going to an index action??????????  I
even tried manually doing method: 'put', in the request, but got the
same results..

Can anyone please explain to me how this is possible?


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