thanks to all your answers. I want to intercept the response which is
coming from the php script before it get displayed to front end. I am
using the below function ,the php script sends the response like
"added to favorite"..which get displayed to front end as it
there any way i can format the output before it get displayed ?

function addToFavorite(quizSeq , userSeq)
  new Ajax.Updater('ajaxresponce','/my/user-quizzes/processRequest',
      parameters: { action:'addtofavorite', quiz_seq:quizSeq ,

On Mar 16, 10:42 pm, disccomp <> wrote:
> You could add logic to the beginning of you php script.
> In this illustration(don't shoot me if it doesn't run OTB) I am
> assuming the AJAX request will use the default POST method and with a
> parameter named 'AJAX_action'.

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