Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone had advice or opinions on how best to load a
bunch of files into a page.  I have one page that has numerous widgets
that replace a <select multiple>.  Right now I use a synchronous
(gasp!) GET.  The reason is purely for simplicity.  I need the data
before I can build my select.  If it were just one select I could see
using an async request and on completion building the select.  But, I
probably have 8-10 files to load and selects to build.  If I daisy
chained each Ajax request on completion of the previous and, on the
last one, build the form I don't think I would be any further ahead
speed wise.  The only thing I can think of is to keep a count of how
many requests there are and when I've reached that many completions to
build the form.  That sounds a little flaky though.  Any ideas out
there?  Thanks!


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