OK maybe there is an answer in native scripty code but I couldn't find

So I solved it by adding a plugin. Feedback welcome

Changed these lines in Draggable.prototype.draw

    //  if((!this.options.constraint) ||
    //      style.left = p[0] + "px";
    //  if((!this.options.constraint) ||
    //      style.top = p[1] + "px";

    if((!this.options.constraint) ||
        style.left = ((this.options.mouseOffset && point[0]) || p[0])
+ "px";
    if((!this.options.constraint) ||
        style.top = ((this.options.mouseOffset && point[1]) || p[1]) +

and when I create the draggable I set my own custom option

    mouseOffset: true

On Mar 25, 6:45 pm, angus <anguscr...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> This is an age old problem - but now I'm using scriptaculous for my
> drag engine its come back to haunt me. When dragging a tree node over
> other tree nodes I want mouseover to fire for each node I drag over.
> So I want to position draggable.element so that its top-left is
> slightly below and to the right of the mousepointer
> I could reposition constantly in the onDrag handler but this is jerky
> and slow
> can anyone help? - thanks

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