u could use the hande option 

or you can modify dragdrop.js . i had an UL with scrollbars so i added
UL here and fixed what you describe in 1)

line 300+

 initDrag: function(event) {
    if(!Object.isUndefined(Draggable._dragging[this.element]) &&
      Draggable._dragging[this.element]) return;
    if(Event.isLeftClick(event)) {
      // abort on form elements, fixes a Firefox issue
      var src = Event.element(event);
      if((tag_name = src.tagName.toUpperCase()) && (
        tag_name=='INPUT' ||
        tag_name=='SELECT' ||
        tag_name=='OPTION' ||
        tag_name=='BUTTON' ||
        tag_name=='TEXTAREA' ||

                )) return;


On Mar 28, 12:41 pm, bill <will...@techservsys.com> wrote:
> When I set a div to draggable I get two problems:
> 1) when I try to scroll it by dragging the scroll bar, I drag the whole
> div instead of scrolling it
> 2) when I try to copy text from it, I drag the div instead of
> highlighting text.
> Perhaps there is a way I could set up a "handle" to drag it by (a small
> area, maybe 25 x 25 px) when clicked on would drag the div, or does
> anyone have any suggestions ?
> --
> Bill Drescher
> william {at} TechServSys {dot} com

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