On Mar 28, 2:21 pm, HotShot <hs...@gmx.net> wrote:
> I would like to know if there is a way to limit a drop area to a
> certain number of items. When this limit is reached the drop area
> should no longer accept any draggables. Already dropped draggables
> should be removable from the drop area so that new draggable can be
> dropped.
> Is there a way to realize that?

Not automatically, as you are talking about behaviour that changes
between one drag and the next.

But it's not too hard to program it. What I would do is have a
function which examines the drop area and adds/removes a class 'can-
accept' depending on whether it is full or not.
Then set the 'accept' property in your Droppables call to 'can-

You will presumably set the 'can-accept' class appropriately when you
first generate the page (or call the function to update it when you
have loaded the page), and call the function at the end of every

Removing an existing drop is something you will have to program

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