On 6 avr, 17:46, Alex Wallace <alexmlwall...@gmail.com> wrote:
> In general I would simplify things a bit:
>  * the two selectors ($$) are pretty lengthy- could they be optimized,

I thought the more precise I'll be, the fastest it would be for
Prototype to find.

> Also, try doing those selectors beforehand and caching the values somewhere.

I tried with moving var lines = ... before func declaration, but I get
strange behaviors : lines (tr) no longer hide !

>  * Avoid using .each(function(j) { j.singleFunction(); }. Instead try using
> Enumerable.invoke. [1]

Done. No notable speed improvements, but Prototype API confirms what
you say.

>  * When going through the lines to hide those with hidden cells, there are a
> lot of expensive functions being used: childElements() should be detected
> before and cached along with the lines variable.

Yeah but with the "lines do not hide anymore" behavior, that's kinda
impossible for now.

> detect() is an expensive
> function in IE, especially if there are a lot of lines and cells. It seems
> there would probably be a way to tighten that behavior up so you only need
> to do one iteration of hiding and showing- maybe operate on the rows first
> instead of cells first followed by the row filtering.

I just want to hide lines (tr) that do not have any "hide"-class

Thanks for you firsts directions though.
Code is now :

function(nam, val) {
        val = val.toLowerCase();
        var lines = $$("#annuaire_table > div > table > tbody > tr");
        var ourcells = $$("#annuaire_table > div > table > tbody > tr
> ."+nam);
"highlight").invoke("removeClassName", "hide");
        if( val.length > 0 )
          var rtab = ourcells.partition( function(i) {
            return ((i.textContent || i.innerText ||
"").toLowerCase().indexOf(val) >= 0);
          } );
          rtab[0].invoke("addClassName", "highlight");
          rtab[1].invoke("addClassName", "hide");
        lines.each( function(i) {
          var childcells = i.childElements();
          if( childcells.detect( function(j) { return
j.hasClassName("hide"); } ) )
        } );

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