I have run across a bug which is really hindering the usage and
functionality of my application...  I am hoping that someone here can
offer a trick to get around it (without having to change my design).

I've simplified the problem by extracting the stuff into it's own html
file with minimal css and javascript hoping that someone here can help
me come up with a way to get around this bug:


If you notice in both FF and Safari, if you drag the draggable in the
top left corner into a drop zone in the middle scrollable area, the
drop zone area applies the proper hover class, and accepts the drop
(it's set to alert the current div's innerHTML)...  The problem is,
once you begin scrolling horizontally, the drop zones no longer have
their hover class applied, and dropping the element 99% of the time
doesn't work (or it's registering in the wrong element).

Thank you in advance for any help..


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