If you're looking for a real morph effect, where one image slowly
flows and changes into the next, there's no way scriptaculous or
prototype could do that. Generally speaking, as I understand it, if
you couldn't do the animation yourself by changing css/style tags and
reloading over and over, scripty can't do it either.

You'd have to use an anigif or flash or something.

The opacity idea posted above seems like the best bet if you want to
stick with JS based solutions.

On Apr 11, 1:20 pm, Jinsa <jf.wesq...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey Junkshops :)
> First I would thank you for your answer. The setStyle may solve the
> problem linked to the background image (what a shame that morph don't
> work with bgimage :/) but the problem is that I won't get the "morph"
> effect between the bakground change which is what I am searching for.
> I'm thinking of a clone appearing as the same time the real one
> disappears but it seems very complicated to solve a "tiny" problem
> right?
> The size change is just a fact I've put in order to check the
> effect.morph was running, in real case I don't need it.
> That sounds quite a deal to do some bgimage morphing, do you have some
> idea in order to make it?
> Enjoy your night,
> Jinsa ;)
> On 11 avr, 17:18, Junkshops <junksh...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > According to the 
> > wiki:http://wiki.github.com/madrobby/scriptaculous/effect-morph
> > ...morph only works on length and color based attributes, so it won't
> > switch the background image for you. Why don't you just use setStyle
> > on the containing element and then use morph to change the size?
> > Cheers, Junk
> > On Apr 11, 7:48 am, Jinsa <jf.wesq...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > > Anyone may have a clue? :(

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