On Apr 19, 4:25 pm, Alex Wallace <alexmlwall...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Because of a third-party control for ASP.NET we're using, under certain
> > conditions, the generated HTML has this little gem shortly after the opening
> > <form> tag:
> >     <AsyncException>Error occured during AsyncInvocation.</AsyncException>

> Internet Explorer doesn't know how to handle abnormal tag names, but perhaps
> you could use a shim to "alert" IE that there are "elements" named
> AsyncException. Try adding:
>   document.createElement("AsyncException");
> somewhere very early on in the script flow.

Okay, but how could that help in hiding the message "Error occured
during AsyncInvocation" that always appears because of the way
browswers have displayed text in unknown elements since day one?

> The best option, of course, is to prevent it from being output on the
> backend, but it sounds like all available routes have already been
> exhausted.

Unfortunately yes.



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