Let me rephrase the question...

Given that this is generated:

     <form ...>
       <input ...>
         <AsyncException>Error occured during AsyncInvocation.</
       <some more real html form stuff...>

In the IE HTML DOM, that XML snippet becomes three "nodes":

    #text  ("Error occured during AsyncInvocation.")

Is there a way in IE to iterate through all the text nodes, and when
it find one that contains say "AsyncInvocation", remove the whole text
node, or perhaps replace the whole text node with ""?

So far I've always addressed text nodes through their parents/
wrappers, but maybe there is a way to address them directly?

Alternately, perhaps there is a way to address that "ASYNCEXCEPTION"
node and address the next sibling, which is presumably the text node,
and set it to blank.

I know this is an edge case and deals with IE weirdnesses, but perhaps
someone here has dealt with this before.

Many thanks,


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