Wow.  Thank you and Alex so much!  I had no idea you could do that
with document.createElement().  (And Alex, thanks to the link to John
Resig's blog on this!)

Your solution works, and the infernal snippet is now banished to the
hinterlands forever in all browsers.  :)

[one more comment inline below...]

On Apr 20, 12:11 pm, "T.J. Crowder" <> wrote:
> What Alex is saying that IE has the ability to let you *tell it* that
> that's really an element.

<snip />

> document.observe("dom:loaded", function() {
>     $$('AsyncException').invoke('remove');});

For some reason, that gives me a script error in IE (I have IE to
always show any JS errors) -- way down in the innards of prototype.js:

  function _createResponder(element, eventName, handler) {
    // and a few lines down is where it breaks:
    var respondersForEvent = registry.get(eventName);

I changed "dom:loaded" above to "window, 'load'", and the errors went
away.  I don't really understand the nuances between the two (it seems
I have run into this same issue before, but I don't remember the
details), but any rate, it's good to go now.

Thank you all once again, both for the solution and for the lucid
explanation!  :)


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