I have a scriptaculous fold effect above the header that enables me to
hide the flash movie once it has played. The problem is that once you
navigate to a different part of the site (klick on an About link for
example) the page reloads and the script resets so the movie is no
longer hidden. What I would like is for the movie to stay hidden or
shown, whatever the user chooses, no matter where on the page you

This is the code (I just copy/pasted it from the demos) and it works
just great:

<div id="fold" <?php wp_swfobject_echo("http:/imagesx/logo303.swf",
"900px", "300px"); ?></div>
  <li><a href="#" onclick="Effect.Fold('fold'); return false;">Hide</
  <li><a href="#" onclick="$('fold').show(); return false;">Show</a></

I am not a programmer, I'm a designer who wants to expand my
knowledge, but I have only the very basic understanding about
javascript, php and so on ... VERY basic. I hope someone could help me
out - I get the feeling that this is a more advanced group, but I
searched the net over and over and found no solution. Anyway - thank
you in advance.

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