I have something like this (using lowpro):
<button id="foo">
<button id="bar">

<div id="something"></div>


  'button:click': function() {
    if (self.effect_in_progress) {
        return false;

    var new_height = (this.id == 'foo') ? 50 : 100;
    this.effect_in_progress = true;

    new Effect.Morph('something', {style: {'height': new_height +
'px'}, afterFinish: function() {
         this.effect_in_progress = false;

but the problem I am having is, if I click on the 2nd button while the
first is in progress, immediately after the morph is complete it fires
again and does the 2nd morph...  I am wondering if there is a way that
I can discard any events that occur while the effect is in progress,
so that way all clicks will be ignored and forgotten while the morph
is happening, but once it's complete it will accept an individual
click event.  I tried doing Event.stop(event)-- but that didn't do



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