Commenting out and uncommenting lines in the irCargarAlumno function,
I found that the problem is on these lines, but cant find out where
and what's wrong:

El día 2 de mayo de 2010 09:43, Martín Marqués
<> escribió:
> function irCargarAlumno(url,cate,limpioDoc2){
>   // Ocultamos el formulario del segundo docente
>   if(limpioDoc2){
>      $('filadocente'+cate+'2').hide();
>      $('filadocente'+cate+'2').innerHTML = "";
>   }

Commenting out all the if(){....} and...

>   $('submitcates'+cate).innerHTML = '';
>   $('submitcates'+cate).hide();

These 2 assignments...

Does 2 changes let IE keep on going, but they are needed. I would have
to get it done else where.

Martín Marqués
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DBA, Programador, Administrador

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