how can i explain this where it makes sense.. i have my index page, i
have links that use prototypes updater to send a request to a php file
that simply includes a page with the html content for the page... well
this one page i have has javascript in it... it is all encapsulated in
the script tag... when i do alert(respond.responseText) it shows the
entire page with the script tags and other html content, but when it
gets displayed to the browser, none of the script tags or content in
the script tags get displayed...

i even tried to use the request and use the $
('contentWrapper').innerHTML = respond.responseText but it doesn't
output the <script> tags or the content within...

am i missing something here? i would greatly appreciate the help... i
have spent two days trying to figure this out, and just this evening
is when i narrowed it down to the javascript part...

thanks again for your guys' time :)

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