A quick question about event management. I have a button that toggles
a style field on certain elements between two different values and
here's the code that I use:

function firstFunction(event) {
  $$("input[value='height toggle']")[0].stopObserving('click');
  function secondFunction(event) {
    $$("input[value='height toggle']")[0].stopObserving('click');
    $$("input[value='height toggle']")
  $$("input[value='height toggle']")

Basically what I do is toggle between two function on the same button
by having one set up the observer for the other by first clearing all
the other observers, a lot like a mutually recursive set of functions
and I'm wondering if there is a better way of doing this because I
know javascript is prone to memory leaks and I'm trying to avoid them.

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