I am new to script.aculo.us so please excuse my ignorance. I am
attempting to create a slide-show effect similar to the one on the
steam website: http://store.steampowered.com/

I have a container DIV and several alternative inner DIV elements. I
have several tab-like buttons which when pressed fade the current
image out and another in. This is kind of working, but if you press a
tab button whilst an image is fading then both images disappear.

Additionally both images suddenly flick to being fully opaque or fully
transparent upon interuption.

                        // Hide last page?
                        if (this.pageIndex != -1)
                                this.pages[this.pageIndex].fade({ duration: 
1.0, to: 0.0 });

                        // Show selected page!
                        var pageElement = this.pages[index];
                        pageElement.style.opacity = '0.0';
                        pageElement.fade({ duration: 1.0, to: 1.0 });

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Kind regards,
Lea Hayes

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