On May 26, 11:29 am, "T.J. Crowder" <t...@crowdersoftware.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> It looks like you're doing a cross-origin call, but what you've quoted
> there doesn't look like a valid CORS[1] response to the OPTIONS
> request. There may also be an issue with the request.
> In fact, it looks like you're issuing the call from a local file, but
> querying a remote server. If you really want to do that, read on. If
> not, put the file on the server and run it from there via HTTP to
> avoid running afoul of the Same Origin Policy[2].

Your response is very, very helpful. Thank you. I am indeed testing
with a local file as a functional test, which will not be the case in
its final deployment but it is now just for testing purposes.

I'll read up on what you've given me here.

Thanks again,

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