So, I'm at a little bit of a conundrum here.

The past couple of days I have been trying to figure out a bug on the
RC2 release of prototype related to the native JSON.parse
functionality just introduced on 1.7.

I am using the AJAX.Request API to get a url and I am getting valid
JSON back. I want to do a simple transport.responseText.evalJSON() on
the response.

Well, it was working fine on 1.6.1, but upon switching to 1.7 RC2 on
my development build I noticed this bit was broken.

What happens is that there seems to be a bug in Safari and Firefox's
implementation of JSON.parse specifically related to the evaluation of
a response with escape characters. Here's a quick example:

{"test":"This is \na new line and a \rcarriage return\'s and a
\"double quote"}

Unless I am confused, the above text should be considered valid JSON.
All special characters are escaped. This JSON evaluates correctly with
the 1.6.1 build of Prototype since it uses an EVAL based JSON
evaluation. The 1.7 build switches dynamically between the EVAL
version and the native JSON.parse version if the browser supports it.
Unfortunately the string above breaks when it is evaluated by the
native parser in Safari and Firefox (Surprisingly Internet Explorer 8
evaluates with no problems). Right now I just disabled the native
functionality on my local build of Prototype by removing the
NATIVE_JSON_PARSE_SUPPORT switch and everything is working fine again.

So I have a couple of questions:

 - If this is indeed a bug, should I submit bug requests to Safari and
Firefox to fix this or am I missing something?
 - Should prototype 1.7 provide control on whether or not it should
use JSON.parse (if this is indeed a bug) and I want to continue using
the EVAL version of the evalJSON() function.

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