The basis using a framework is a good skill in the build-in functions
of JavaScript. Never the less, you can use the Tips and Tutorials Page
of Prototype to see a few first steps of working with the framework

The great extending of the dom, I think, is the biggest advantage of
Prototype for nearly every JavaScript developer (http://
While you try to get a special element on your page, you often have to
deal with IDs of the elements or boring tag names. Extending the dom
means a great way to "talk" to your elements on your page. More
details you'll find in the linked section.

But, as I sad: The API is great way to take look into the full
complexity of the Framework. Here you find for example tricky and nice
functions extending the normal String object of JavaScript. E.g.
escaping HTML tags in a string (
string/prototype/escapehtml/). While I write my JavaScript programs, I
often take look into the API to find a easier solution to many
different problems.

On 2 Jun., 09:37, "ankit.it09" <> wrote:
> Thanks for your reply , i know little bit of javascript now i like to
> work on this framework, that's why i asked from where i get started &
> How can i make this prototype helpful for me & makes my work more
> simpler.
> Thanks & Regards:
> Ankit Jain
> On Jun 2, 11:12 am, Lemmi <> wrote:
> > This depends on your skill with JavaScript. What do you know about it?
> > Especially the API of Prototype ( is a
> > great and easy way to find functionality, which can simplify your
> > "life".
> > On 1 Jun., 07:35, "ankit.it09" <> wrote:
> > > Hi All,
> > > I am newbie to this, can anyone help from where i get started, any
> > > kind of help is much appreciated.
> > > Thanks & Regards:
> > > Ankit Jain

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