Ever since we upgraded to prototype 1.6.1, I have been getting errors
when using the select function. the error is... An invalid or illegal
string was specified" code: "12
It stops at line 3299 in prototype.js, which is:
results = $A(root.querySelectorAll(e)).map(Element.extend);

Example of my code where I call the function...
variables used (and their values according to firebug watch):
elem = div#addressForm[0].addressForm
index = [0]
[id='AddressIsService" + index +"'] amounts to
what i am checking is an radio input by that id - AddressIsService[0]

        if(elem.select("[id='AddressIsService" + index +"']")[0].checked)
                elem.select("[id='cityFieldRequired" + index +"']")
                        elementsToDisabe = elementsToToggle[i].select('input');
                                elementsToDisabe[j].disabled = true;

If I downgrade to previous prototype version, it works. Anyone have a

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