You _might_ be able to get it to work with a synchronous ajax call,
but I wouldn't recommend it, the user experience would be pretty ugly.
(Frozen browser for 2-3 seconds, at least.)

I'd probably rejig things a bit so that validation and submission are
both done at the same time, via ajax:

    $('yourFormId').observe('submit', function(event) {
        event.stop();   // Don't submit the form the normal way...
        this.request({  // ...and do submit it via ajax
            parameters: {viaAjax: true},
            onSuccess: function(response) {
                if (response.formOkay) {
                    // Either show success and update the page in
place, or
                    // navigate to a result page via window.location
= ...
                else {
                    // Show validation errors

Note that I added a "viaAjax" parameter to the form. That way, the
target of the form knows whether the form was submitted via ajax or
via the normal form submission mechanism. If via ajax, it validates
and (if valid) updates based on the form data, and return sa JSON-
formatted reply saying the form was okay (or, if not, why not). If via
a normal form submission (e.g., JavaScript is disabled or something),
it processes the form the old way and sends back a complete HTML page.

The parameters you pass into Form#requeset[1] are merged into the
form's data. Form#request will send to the URL on the form's action
(unless you override it; details in the API docs).

[1] http://api.prototypejs.org/dom/form/request/

T.J. Crowder
Independent Software Consultant
tj / crowder software / com

On Jun 16, 1:23 pm, Matt <m...@postzero.com> wrote:
> Is there some kind of trick involved?  Here's how I would envision it
> working:
> 1) User tries submitting the form
> 2) Event.observe captures this and sends an AJAX request to a special
> validation URL (PHP using Codeigniter)
> 3) If no errors were returned, continue submitting the original form
> 4) If errors were found, cancel form submission and display
> Mostly, I can't seem to get a separate AJAX validation request to work
> as the form continues submitting.  I could use Event.stop(event), but
> have not found a way to re-start the process if no validation errors
> exist from the validation call.  I'd post code, but I have about 15
> examples of things I've tried and it would just clutter this question.
> Any ideas?  :-(  I didn't think form validation would be this
> difficult.
> Many thanks,
> - Matt

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