Hi all,

i'll try to be as clear as possible...

i'm creating a kind of "schedule" application, with all days of the
week divided into half days (AM and PM).
Users will be able to drag and drop activities (from a list of
activities) to the schedule.
Some activities take half a day, others take a full day. So for each
day in the schedule, you can have zero, one or two activities.

I've created 8 sortable objects :
- 1 for the list of activities (called activities_1)
- 1 for each day (called day_x, with x as the number of the day : 1 to

When i drop a half-day activity in a day_x, i want to limit the next
possible drop to day_x to a half-day activity, so i use the "only"
option with the class "half-day".
When i drop a full-day activity in a day_x, i want to forbid any drop
to day_x, so i use the "dropOnEmpty" option set to false.
I set these options by creating a new sortable object "day_x" each
time an update is made (using onUpdate event : the previous sortable
object "day_x" is supposed to be destroyed with the new

My problem : dropping a "full-day activity" to "day_x" is still
possible if an "hald-day" as already been dropped.
It seems that the "only" option doesn't work when "dropOnEmpty" is set
to "true" if the droppable zone is not empty.

Any idea ?

Thanks !!!

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